Building A Perfect Deck For Your Beautiful House

If you own a house and have some space left in your yard, then you might have thought of making a deck. A lot of things may have stopped you like expenses and time. Well, it’s not an expensive and long-term work anymore. Now you can build a deck for your house by yourself. You just need to get a pencil and paper to start off.

At first, measure the place and pick a suitable size to make the deck. Tour deck should be looking like a part of your house, so make sure that the size is not too large or too small. After all, you don’t want to have a weird deck beside your house. So it’s better to be conscious from the beginning. After you are done with measurement make a list of materials you need to build the deck. An expert will always advise you to choose the best material. So you should justify between materials and products before you purchase them. Materials relative to deck building are plain wood, concrete deck piers, gravel, water seal, paint and other small stuff.

Start the work by placing deck footings. Decks lower to the ground looks more beautiful than the usual ones. Place the footings by keeping a measured distance from each other. You have to make sure that all the footings are on the same level. Because an unleveled footing can damage your platform. After you have placed your footings now you should start to cut and ley your joists. It is a better idea to measure before you cut each joist. Each of the joists should have the similar size and try not to keep any difference. You should spray some grass or weed killer before you make the platform. It won’t look good to see grass or weed coming up through the deck.

After that plain all your woods if you haven’t bought plain woods. It looks beautiful to have a platform which has a plain and smooth finishing. Once you are done with that waterproof the bottom of your deck planks. Since you are not using special decking wood you have to keep your wood safe from water. Either all the woods will suck water and that will help to make the platform slippery.

If you are done with waterproofing you should now start to lay your decking planks. Screw the planks, but make sure that you are not using too screws. That will make it look bad. You should take the help of a second person to get a hand and also finish the work sooner. At last add wood at the end of your deck to give it a finishing look.

When you are finished with that, go back to every screw and check if they are screwed tight enough to stick the planks together. Give a little sand and level the screw similar to the platform. Then just get the paint and give it a Color that suits your house. It would be better if you don’t use totally different color from each other. Keep the color related, so that it matches with the house and looks perfect. Now, wait for the paint to get dry. Now you can place your furniture or other stuff you want to decorate the deck with.

If a person follows the steps it would be both money and time-saving way to build up your deck easily. So it doesn’t seem like you need to hire an architecture and contractor to build up a deck. You can just do that by yourself following the directions above.